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What is Ransomware and how does it operate?

Ransomware is the collective term for a current crop of malware that infect systems and devices through emails and other online channels. The ‘Crypto’ strains of Ransomware encrypt data files and ask for a ransom to provide a decryption key that can unlock the affected files. There is no specific decryption key or antivirus for Ransomware as new strains and types are created almost every day.


Can I be attacked by Ransomware?

Ransomware is a serious threat to both individuals and businesses. In 2016 alone, a staggering 40% of companies were affected by Ransomware world-wide.

Ransom demands can vary anywhere from $1,000-$50,000. The malware can infiltrate whole networks to lock down data or infect single Systems depending upon the target of Ransomware authors.

How will Ransomware Protector help me?

Ransomware Protector is an online Cloud Backup Service with layered security. The only way to not be affected by Ransomware attacks is to create a secure backup for your important data files. So you can back up your files on Cloud by creating a free Ransomware Protector account worth 10GB storage without any time limitations on usage. You can also upgrade your account to get more storage space.


How Secure Is Ransomware Protector?

The service uses double layered security: SSL encryption while the files are in transit from your System to Cloud and AES-256 encryption when the files are at rest on a remote server.

Rest assured, your data files are as secure as they can get.

Additionally, you will be equipped with amazing features. With Easy File Sharing feature, with you can choose your audience according to your preference. Auto Backup will let you save incremental as well as older file versions automatically every 12 hours. You can also restore your files from Cloud within seconds with the Smart Restoration option.

What Makes Ransomware Protector Different?

Unlike anti-virus software, Ransomware Protector is a preventive measure and not a cure. That is what makes it different. There is no specific ‘cure’ in case your System is infected with Ransomware. So why not protect your data files beforehand?

Considering the frequency and rate of attacks, everyone is exposed to the threat. Ransomware Protector doesn’t just create a foolproof shield around your important data files but also comes with some really useful features. Sign up with Ransomware Protector for free and enjoy up to 10GB storage for as long as you want.



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